Music Catalogue Migration & Consolidation Service

Positive Subversion is now offering a standalone flat-fee service to help take the headache out of catalogue migration and catalogue consolidation. By using our services, we can help you find a better distribution solution for your catalogue, making it possible for you to increase the revenue on your catalogue by 5 to 15%. All without the hassle of having to deal with metadata.

On average 80% of a label’s and artist’s income is generated by their catalogue. However, most labels and artists aren’t making the most out of the opportunities available to generate even more revenue from these treasure troves. Migrating your catalogue to a more favourable distribution deal is one way to increase revenue, however it’s a mammoth task that most labels don’t have the time or energy for.

Artists might have their releases spread across different labels and distributors. With rights for these releases reverting back to them, it would be expedient to find one distribution solution, but consolidating their catalogue takes time that they and their management would much rather put into their creative processes.

We’re here to give you back control over your most valuable assets.

How We Work

We manage all day-to-day operations for your label, ensuring that you are no longer mired in micromanaging your team and can instead focus on big picture decisions. By delegating anything from gathering and submitting metadata to collecting content assets, or reporting on sales and trends to communicating with 3rd parties such as your distributor or PR team, we handle the efficient management and execution of your campaigns.

You make the calls. We execute them.

How We Can Help

  • Advising on new distribution partners for your catalogue.
  • Gathering and organising assets and metadata.
  • Creating storage systems for assets and compiling a digital archive.
  • Creating and managing a timeline for the transfer.
  • Ensuring metadata is compliant with latest DDEX standards and optimised for DSPs.
  • Delivering metadata and assets to new distributors.
  • Running communication with distribution partners and any other third parties.
  • Managing the takedown process with previous distributors.
  • Ensuring works are registered with relevant societies including neighbouring rights societies.
  • Overseeing the shipping of physical stock to new warehouses.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2020 by Siofra McComb (!K7, The Other Hand, and AIM board-member) and the senior management of Motive Unknown, Positive Subversion is a project management and consultancy company with a specialist understanding of the international music industry. We pride ourselves in having a nuanced sense of the individual needs of each label, and with a firm knowledge of innovation in digital marketing we can help devise overall strategies specific to the artists and labels in our care.

We have worked with internationally renowned labels such as Innovative Leisure, Mass Appeal, !K7, and on campaigns for artists such as Run The Jewels, DJ Shadow, BADBADNOTGOOD, Peggy Gou, Nick Waterhouse, and more.

Interested? Get in touch to talk about your upcoming projects and receive a proposal catered to your needs.

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